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At Endorphin our purpose is to improve YOU. We focus on optimizing the fundamentals of strength and conditioning, nutrition, flexibility, & form. CrossFit at its most basic is constantly varied, functional movements, performed at a high intensity WITH PROPER FORM to improve your quality of life. Our strength program systematically progresses over time to enhance YOUR athletic performance, body composition, & quality of life. All members are provided with nutritional consultation, mobility & flexibility training, & taught prehab/rehab techniques to keep them feeling great. Take the leap, we can help YOU, help yourself.
"I can honestly say without a doubt that starting at Endorphin was one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself."- Erica Shello

"I felt like a new person, my energy level was increasing and overall felt better about myself. I have something called confidence now."- Kristen Stewart

"I was incredibly intimidated at first...(but) I stuck around and participated in a (greatly scaled down) WOD and immediately knew that this was something I would want to continue."- Jordan Shyi
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