“Before starting any strength and conditioning program make sure your heart is healthy enough for strenuous exercise. After the doctor checks you out find a mirror and repeat the following – I am not a beautiful and unique snowflake. I am the same decaying organic matter as everyone else; I am part of the same compost pile. Nobody is coming to save me. No one is hiding behind the next corner to pull me into the gym to hammer me into shape. There is no one at the market that will show me what to eat to be strong. I … Continue reading


Click the below link to see another coaching cue that we focus on! We want to be NEUTRAL. What does that mean? That means when I do my handstand push ups, I am not looking down at the floor. When I squat, unless I have outstanding flexibility, I will default to a downward gaze. When I begin my deadlift, I am not beginning by craning my neck up. I start by looking 3-5 feet in front of me and finish with a neutral gaze forward. (There can be some good argument made that when necessary to finish a max effort … Continue reading